Terms of Service

The issuing of permits is a statutory function of the NLC, rather than a business function. However, as a matter of good practice, the NLC’s Permit Administration System aligns with Australian Consumer Law where reasonable. The system includes a Contact Centre for visitors to chat directly with NLC Permit Officers about any concerns. Alternatively, contact the NLC at permits@nlc.or.au.

Permit Delivery

If a permit application is approved, applicants are issued with a permit. Otherwise they are issued with a notice that their application has been unsuccessful. All permits will be issued electronically via email unless the applicant has specifically requested collection of a hard copy of the permit from an NLC Office.

Visitor Obligations

Visitors to Aboriginal land and water must carry a copy of their permit, and it must be available for inspection during their visit. A soft copy of the permit is acceptable.

Police can require a visitor on Aboriginal land and water to provide their name and address and produce their permit. Subject to some important exemptions, it is an offence for a visitor to be on Aboriginal land or water without a written permit.


Permit holders may apply for a refund of their Permit Fees. Administration Fee components are not refundable. Refunds will be managed manually through the Contact Centre, which is part of the Permit Administration System.


Permit holders can amend their permit at any time through the Contact Centre. Refunds or additional fees may apply.


Permit cancellations are permitted. Permit holders may apply for a refund of their Permit Fees on cancellation. To be eligible for a refund, the permit cancellation and refund application must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the permit start date.


Traditional Aboriginal owners may close a permit zone/s temporarily for cultural reasons at any time. Temporary closures cause NLC to suspend permits issued to those areas.

Where a road or Aboriginal land is closed after a permit to that area has been issued, NLC will suspend all legs for the closed zone for the duration of the closure. Applicants will be notified immediately and assisted to change their entry and or exit dates.

Permit holders will have the option to change their itinerary and/or rebook a time to access Aboriginal land and water. If a rescheduled itinerary is not appropriate, the permit holder can apply for a refund of the relevant Permit Fees (or portion thereof).


NLC may revoke a permit if the permit holder or their passengers are in breach of the terms and conditions of the permit. In this case, the permit holder will be notified to leave Aboriginal land and water immediately. No refunds are payable where a permit has been revoked for breach of conditions.